Eddy The Teddy Backpack

  • £29.95

Eddy the Teddy backpack

It's adorably cute.
It's irresistibly soft.
It's not just Eddy,
It's Eddy, and he's on your back!


  • 40cm in length - Feel every inch of his softness
  • 30cm in width - He's a little clingy!
  • Strap length 45-63cm - Smooth & adjustable
  • "Eddy The Teddy" embroidered on his foot - Don't worry, he won't escape
  • Sewn-on attractive "Eddy The Teddy" scarf - His style is warming
  • Suitable for 3 years + - A perfect gift for every child 

Shipping Information

Recently, our overseas shipping service has been extremely poor and caused us and Eddy's fans a lot of headaches due to shipping delays. Because of that, we have decided to give our overseas shipping service a well-needed boost! 

We are pleased to announce our new 7-9 day shipping to the U.K and 9-14 days worldwide and it is working splendidly.

Why do we use overseas manufacturing? 

Our dream and goal from the very beginning were to sell Eddy the Teddy merchandise, to generate revenue so we could give Eddy's to children in hospital. 

As you can imagine, gifting away a large amount of Eddy's we do, costs a few quid! So, we aim to be as cost-effective as possible, which allows us to give more Eddy's out to the children in hospital.

Using overseas manufacturing is how we provide the quality within our Eddy the Teddy range, while also being price-competitive to Eddy's fans who support Eddy on his mission. 

It's extremely cost-efficient shipping overseas directly to the customer. Doing it this way, we are able to save Eddy's fans a few quid! And donate more Eddy's to the children at the same time.

If we were to use U.K manufacturing, the store prices would be 2x what they are now and we just can't justify that. Not when we can put in the extra work and make it more affordable for Eddy's supporters. 

Really, it's the fans that donate to the children, not us.

Without the support, Eddy has. We wouldn't be able to do what we do. He's unique in every way and we are so proud to be apart of Eddy's journey.

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