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Story of Eddy

The Story Of Eddy The Teddy

Why purchase your very own Eddy the Teddy?

Personalised eddy the teddy

Eddy Is A Limited Edition Teddy Bear

Are you looking for a super soft, cuddly, teddy bear that means so much? Having your own Eddy the teddy bear is more personal than anything in the world. Eddy is thoughtful, kind, caring, super soft and will give the best cuddles whenever they are needed. There is no teddy bear or stuffed toy out there, that’s more loving or devoted to see you smile.

Cuddling from Eddy

Cuddles From Eddy The Teddy

Now we all know cuddles from a teddy bear are awesome! Especially when we are feeling a little down. It’s not just when we are down, it’s also when we are happy. We all can be in the worst or best mood ever and a cuddle from a super soft and gorgeous teddy bear, makes the day shine so much brighter.

bears helping children have their own Eddy

Helping Sick Children have their Own Eddy The Teddy

When you buy your very own Eddy The Teddy bear. It’s not just you that that gets those adorable cuddles and love. It’s also the poorly children in hospital around the U.K. We donate 10% of our store sales, to give poorly children their very own Eddy the teddy bear to cuddle, cherish and to love. 

Relationship with Eddy

Eddy The Teddy Relationship

A special teddy bear will give you a special relationship. Eddy the teddy bear, is the one thing that will never judge you. Eddy is so great because he will last for a life time. I have seen bears the past handed down for generations. You will hold, love and share secrets with him, just like you do with anybody bear, toy or person you care for.

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Eddy The Teddy Bears reviews

I love the Eddy bear xxx from Linda and family xxx beautiful toy bear you are xxx

Linda Hughes

Better better than all other  bears. I love it, everyone should love their own stuffed bears

Michelle Anderson

It's nice to see a bear that connects with everyone and how much nicer would the world be if we all like Eddy bear xxx

Sue setchell

Light hearted fun you are my Eddy bear - Something we all need to cheer Facebook up.

Denise Shears

Eddy bear is a real sweetie! Would be a brilliant toy bear mascot though, may keep directing me to the cake shop! Love you Eddy bear very much.

Rosemarie Dean

Just amazing love popular eddy the teddy bear n Patrick!! � Friendly stuffed bear toys, that keeps us on our toes with quizes n I love to see what mischief those loveable creatures have in store yes I'm 30 but u got to love a bit of bear fun!!

Sherry Errington

I like hearing from Eddy bear. what he been doing each day it makes my day. Love you very much my teddy bear xxx

Barbara Roberts