What Makes Me Special From All The Other Teddy Bears?

With over 30.000 followers worldwide and growing rapidly, I am on route to becoming one of the most famous bears of all time. 

It's not just my soft fur and squishy belly that's helping me rise to fame. It's my kind heart for donating Eddy's to children in hospitals around the U.K. My goal is to be able to give an Eddy the Teddy to every child in hospital around the U.K and then. Eventually, implimented on a worldwide scale.

Being in hospital is never nice, especially for children. Often, they are scared and sometimes alone. Having their very own Eddy to comfort them, turns that feeling of being scared into feeling safe.

I don’t donate Eddy’s on a temporary basis. Each child that gets given an Eddy, is allowed to take their Eddy home to enjoy those teddy bear adventures together.

Charitable Teddy Bear

How Can I Donate To The Cause? 

Simply by purchasing from our store. I wanted to make it personal and meaningful. Having your own Eddy the Teddy symbolises your support towards our goal.

After I Purchase, Can I Choose Which Hospital We Donate to?

Normally the hospitals are selected by myself. However, if you have somewhere specific you would like us to visit. You can message me on Facebook or drop me an email. I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

"Superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles."


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