What We Do For Charity

With every online store sale, we donate a portion of the sales to children in hospital.

We go into hospitals around the U.K giving Eddy the Teddys to the little ones.

Being in hospital is never nice, especially for children. Often, they are scared and sometimes alone. Having their very own Eddy to comfort them, turns that feeling of being scared into feeling safe.

We don’t donate Eddy’s on a temporary basis. Each child that gets given an Eddy, is allowed to take their Eddy home.

chairty teddy bear

Why We Started

We wanted to do something special and give back to the world.

Before the launch of the original 500 Eddy the Teddy’s, we asked the fans on the social media their opinion on how we could make a meaningful donation. Over 90% offered the suggestion of giving Eddy’s to children in hospital. So, we decided to make it happen.

It was the fans idea to make this happen. If we didn’t have such fantastic support, none of this would have been achieved.

"Superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles."