Limited Edition Eddy The Teddy

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I’m Eddy the Teddy, the bear that gives back 

  • It’s not just my adorable good looks and squishy belly that makes me special 
  • I will be your best friend, through the good times and the bad. We can travel through life together, creating memories that last a lifetime of happiness 🐻
  • We will share secrets and have a bond that nothing can break. Your dreams will be my dreams, and I will do everything in my power to see those dreams come true 🐻
  • I will fill your life with joy, love and happiness until the day my stuffing falls out 😍

My Specifications

  • Only 500 limited editions Eddy the Teddys will ever be manufactured. 
  • With me, there comes an authentic, numbered, limited edition certificate.
  • Extra soft and cuddly.
  • I will arrive in my Eddy the Teddy hoodie.
  • With every purchase, I donate 10% of the sales to children in hospital. So, I can comfort them in times of need. Each child gets their very own Eddy the Teddy to take home, once they are well again.

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