Kids Peggy the Teddy Backpack – Eddy the Teddy bear

Kids Peggy the Teddy Backpack

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Peggy the Teddy backpack

She's pretty in pink.
She makes all the bears wink.
She's the number 1 girl teddy.
Everywhere you go, you can carry your Peggy.



  • 40cm in length - All in sweetness
  • 30cm in width - She's always cuddling
  • Strap length 45-63cm - Soft & comfy, to carry anywhere
  • “Peggy the Teddy” embroidered on her foot - She's proud of her marks!
  • Sewn-on pink "Peggy the Teddy" scarf - A girl loves having style
  • Suitable for 3 years+ - A perfect gift to make a little girl happy


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