The History of Eddy the Teddy (PART 1/00)

The History of Eddy the Teddy (PART 1/00)

I was a poker player for many years until the age of 23 and now i am the bear that gives back.

How did it all start?

When I first started up Eddy the Teddy, it was with the intentions of using Eddy as a mascot for my marketing company at the time when I decided to give up playing poker due to nerve pain in my arms. 

What happened, is that many people around the world wanted to talk to Eddy on a daily basis while asking to purchase their beary own Eddy the Teddy

This shocked me a lot as it was so unexpected, since all I did was advertising for a job at the time, it made me think just how much love Eddy brings to the world.

I decided to turn Eddy into something different. The bear that gives back to children in hospital. It was the fans who I asked a very long time ago about how we could give back to the world and it was the fans that decided we should donate Eddy’s to children in hospital.

When I first started Eddy, Facebook where very kind to us I must say! The organic reach in 2017 was very high, despite only having 2000 followers at the time. I was getting more organic reach then, than I am now.

When I started Eddy the Teddy, I did not expected Facebook to hammer down on pages and make brands pay to promote their content. This caused a big setback as soon as we ordered the first 500 Eddy’s for the fans. 

But never the less, I am a bear who is able to innovate and I am a bear that never gives up and in part 2 you will learn more about the history of Eddy the Teddy. 

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