With a total social media following of over 30,000 across the world, Eddy the Teddy is one of the fastest growing teddy bears online. He is cuddly, friendly, entertaining and adventurous. 



Facebook is where Eddy first started on the social media. He was originally a mascot for my marketing company called ETT Digital. Eddy's Facebook page took off and we was not expecting it. Eddy's fans are the reason we started this store. After many requests from fans, looking to have their very own Eddy the Teddy. We decided to make it happen. Eddy's Facebook has just over 20,000 fans and climbing. 


Twitter Is a platform we enjoy very much and Eddy has just over 6500 fans on there. Twitter gives us the chance to consistently speak to the fans and engage in their tweets, as well as Eddy's posts. We post on Twitter regularly and we enjoy every moment of it. 



Eddy has not been on Instagram very long, but he have developed just over 12,000 fans on there so far. Instagram is generally for the younger audience and provides a more broader reach to the world. We love to use Instagram, as its a great platform and lets us connect with many of Eddy's fans around the world. What makes us happy is that we can connect with people among many age ranges and still put many smiles on so many faces. 

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