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Hello everybody and Welcome to the Eddy the Teddy fundraiser campaign.

We have recently been experiencing issues with our stock supplier. They were so reliable for over 5 years and then all of a sudden took our last payment and ran away with no response and since then we have been stockless. As you can imagine this is not a good timing considering the economic situation we are all facing at this present time. 

As you all know Team Eddy works very hard behind the scenes, bringing joy to your newsfeed every day and we want to continue doing that. All the work Team Eddy do, we do for free, and when do bring in revenue, we use it to donate Eddy's to the children.

The problem that we have right now is our supplier has left us and left our bank balance in very bad shape. We don't have enough funds in the account to seek a new supplier since our supplier ran off from us. 

We have been running on fumes for quite some time and we would deeply appreciate your help to bring back our dream of donating Eddy's to children in hospital once again. .

Myself and team Eddy have been carrying this mental burden for quite some time, waiting for the right time to ask all my fans for support.

But there never is a right time to ask for donations, especially when the whole World is struggling financially right now. But now is the time it has to be done. We want to continue doing the work we do and to continue donating Eddy's to children in the hospitals.

You've probably noticed recently since our supplier took our money and ran away that a lack of Eddy's have been donated to the children. As you can imagine this pains me more than anything. Because right now I am no longer the children's hero, I am the one in need of a hero and am hoping that you can be my hero and the children's hero by donating towards the cause. To help save and rebuild Eddy the Teddy, so we can go back to being the children's hero once again.

All donations are appreciated. No matter how small, I will work tirelessly to make every penny stretch to bring about a new supplier, so we can have Eddy & Peggy merchandise for you to own, and for us to go back to donating Eddy's to the children once again.

Thank you 🙏 

Love Eddy the Teddy and Team Eddy ❤️


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