Well hi there, my names Eddy, and I am the softest, fluffiest, cutest little bear you’ll ever meet.

I use to be a mascot, but more about that later. Right now, I am the little bear that pays forward. Let me tell you what that means.

I LOVE making people smile. I love giving out bear hugs, and mine are just the best you'll ever get.

Which is why I left the mascot life behind me, so I could share my love and hugs with my very own Eddy's, which I sell online

The best is that every bear you buy helps to fund a bear for a child in hospital. So, they can share my special hugs when they need them the most.

Being in hospital is never nice especially for children. Often, they are alone and scared and giving them their beary own Eddy, turns that feeling of being scared, into feeling safe. 

I am a bear who dreams beary big. My dream is to able to do this on a worldwide scale and have millions of Eddy’s out there sharing my love and cuddles with children when they need me the most. 

It's the support I have that drives me to dream so big and be so bold about what I hope to accomplish.

For I am a beary big dreamer and I am also a passionate and thoughtful bear, who cares beary deeply about others. I love donating Eddy’s to children in hospital, i feel on top of the world for it. 

But what gives me the most self-satisfaction is when i speak to my fans. Where is see Eddy the Teddys all over the internet sharing my adventures, my dreams and supporting me on my mission to achieve the impossible. 

For without dreaming, we have no hope and no future.

Because it's our dreams that give us hope and It's our dreams that make us believe anything is possible.

When i see thousands of Eddy’s out there in world it gives me hope to achieve the impossible. Because day by day more Eddy & Peggy the Teddys are being purchased from our store.

Every day, we become 1 step closer to achieving the impossible.