150 Of The Most Adorable Teddy Bear Names In History

The 150 Most Adorable, Funny & Cute Teddy Bear Names Of All Time.

Struggling to find a name for your teddy bear?

Lucky for you, I have made the perfect list to solve that problem.

 Cute teddy bear names 

Teddy bears are by far, the best form of comfort. They are with you for life, through the thick and thin, and won't ever judge.

I don't know what it is about naming teddy bears, but it just feels so important. It might be those adorable eyes. that squishy belly, the cute button nose or that amazingly soft fur. In kids and even adults eyes, a teddy bear is real, they seriously do have feelings. Your perfect bear needs a perfect name. 

So, let's get started.

Cute Teddy Bear Names 

Cuddles Teddy Baby bear Winnie Fuzzy Wuzzy
Softy Snuggles Snugglebug Bobo Coco
Honey Baloo Buddy Yogi Bubbles
Bubsy Pooh Winnie Softy Boo Boo
Peaches Sooty Tubby Pebbles Twinky
Mr Cuddles Mrs Cuddles Angel Lovebug Buttons


Funny Teddy Bear Names

Ding Dong Fluffles Sunny Bob Lazy bear
Chubby Ron Ted Beary Potter  Scooter
Mrs Kisses Mr Kisses Buttercup Claws Chubs
Paws Racer Fisher Dopey Bobby
Dusty Blubber Smokey Tubby Giggles
Tickles Waffles Snowball Frosty Frostina


Teddy Bear Names That Rhyme

Eddy The Teddy Peggy The Teddy Freddy The Teddy
Shreddy The Teddy Neddy The Teddy Medi The Teddy


 Girl Teddy Bear Names

Girl Teddy Bear Names 

Peggy Peggy the Teddy Leigh Winona
Candy Audrey Abby Precious
Penelope Petals  Bitsy Princess
Bella Pet Pet Bear Millie Polly
Wilma Alanna Banana Hannah Taffy
Frostina Davina Edwina Maggie
Betsy Sky Samantha Maddie


Boy Teddy Bear Names


Boy Teddy Bear Names

Winslow Danny Theodore Han
Winifred Alfred Bruce Oscar
Rowen Billy Bear Tommy Barney
Darwin Moby Eddy the Teddy Marky
Rufus Jasper Mr hugs Sparky
Bobby Keith Mr bedtime Blue Bear
Harry Ernie Shamus Baloo


Funny teddy bear names 


Old Fashioned Teddy Bear Names

 Fiona Rudiger Clancy Herman
Jude Clive Archibald Boris
Charlotte Tobias Fenton Walter
Gwen Everly Gus Roosevelt


Old Fashioned bear names


Famous Teddy Bear Names

Woody Narla Stitch  Pooh
Smokey the Bear Teddy Elvis Tigger
Bam-Bam Yogi Paddington Little John
Ted Toto Simba Gummy Bear

famous bear names

French Teddy Bear Names

Francine Claude Frederick
Monsieur Jolie Misty
Andre Frere Les Pins Fabrice
Francois  Thiery Etienne


french teddy bear names

Quirky Teddy Bear Names

Benat  Hopsical Sabby
Osbourne Wadsworth Polo
Ponty Sprocket Mooch
Matroska Wagner Boots


Quirky bear names

Care Bear Names

Wonderheart Bear Birthday Bear Love-a-lot Bear
Eddy Bear Good Luck Bear Grumpy Bear
Peggy Bear Cheer Bear Share Bear
Great Giving Bear Wish Bear Funshine Bear
Piece of Heart Bear Bedtime Bear Tenderheart Bear

Care bear names


The Importance Of Naming A Teddy bear

A name gives the teddy a personality, giving that feeling of deep connection and ownership towards your bear. Most bears come with a name already on a tag and that can be a little too generic for most children. Cutting the tag off and letting your little one decide which name they want, will give create a stronger relationship with that bear.

Children have a very wide imagination, for pretty much anything! Having fun, playing with toys and plushies is a way of problem-solving learning.

Naming a bear for your little one makes it personal. That bear will be there watching snow-white, having tea parties and fancy dress up.


Teddy bear naming


Brainstorming Teddy Bear Names 

When it comes to brainstorming teddy bear names, it's not an easy task. We all just want to find that perfect name, for our perfect bear and it can take a while to do so! 

So what do we do, when we are struggling? Leave it to the kids. trust me, kids don’t usually take a long time to find the perfect name. If you get stuck, you know who to ask. Kids fall in love with teddies the moment they lay eyes on them. There is a no purer name than what a child will name their bear.

Famous Teddy Bear Names


Fun Ways To Pick Your Teddy Bears Name 

Draw from a hat: All the names that you love, and cant decide on. Write them all down on a piece of paper and draw one blindfolded. 

Flipping a coin: Normally, it comes down to 2 names you just can't decide on. When you're in that predicament, just flip a coin. Head or tales, you will have a name you love. It is a win, win, situation.

Rock, paper, scissors: When you can't decide on anything. Good old fashioned rock, paper, scissors is a great way to get the job done. Simply play with a friend. Who if wins, they choose the beloved name of your bear. If you win, you get to choose.

Blindfolded Press: As social media is new, this one is new. Go to Google or Facebook and find a list of teddy bear names you love. Blindfold yourself, and wherever you press, is the name of your new teddy bear. 

Spin the bottle: Now this is normally a party game. But you can apply it when choosing a name for your bear. Write the names on pieces of paper. Spread the paper around the table or floor and spin the bottle. Wherever the bottle points to, that's the new name of your gorgeous teddy bear. 

52 bear pick up: In playing cards, 52 card pick-up, is a trick people use to somebody who doesn't know the rules. But, we can use this to have some fun and pick a name for our bear. Write 52 names you like down on playing cards. Blindfold yourself and Throw the cards into mid-air. After that, pick up a card at random and on the back is the name of your teddy bear. Now this game is a little messy. But it's good if you want to have a bit of fun. 


Best Teddy Bear Names

Gifting A Teddy Bear

People will often grow very attached to a bear that they have received from a special person, whether that person has passed into heaven or is still in their lives. When you name a bear and give it to somebody, it's one of the best gifts anybody could receive. It's personal, giving, creates memories and helps to reminisce the good times. 

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