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Hello everybody, Team Eddy and the children need your help. Since covid began team Eddy have been struggling heavily to steady the financial ship and bring her back to shore. It's getting to the stage where we need a financial miracle to save Eddy the Teddy to keep donating Eddy's to children in hospitals in the U.K. Our teddy bear supplier over in China, has not responded to our emails since we last paid them. It's been months with no response and we fear the worst is to come unless we can find a new manufacture. 

The thought of loosing Eddy the Teddy, and being unable to bring joy to peoples newsfeeds every day has been such a heartbreaking thought to have every day, and team Eddy have been carrying this mental burden for quiet some time now.

The time has come for us to "bite the bullet" as so to speak, with a cry out for help to all those who are willing to contribute to help us save Eddy the Teddy. 

Not only do we wish to save Eddy the Teddy, but we wish to grow Eddy the Teddy. We have always worked with very minimal funds ever since we started our mission to donate Eddy's to children in hospital. We would really like to turn that around a bring about something special in this world for the children and also our fans. 

What we are looking to do is turn "Eddy the Teddy Limited." into a charity. As you can imagine this is big process to do and requires a lot of funding to make it happen. Many legal fees are involved as well as an outstanding balanced owed to the bank which we took out during 2020 in covid, when our stock got impounded overseas costing the company a lot of money. 

Ever since 2020 we have been struggling just to keep Eddy the Teddy going, and we feel this is a "make or break year" for our mission to donating Eddy's to children in hospital around the U.K.

The U.K manufacturing of the stock, is going to require heavy lumps of down payments to get our stock range we have now safety tested and remanufactured for distribution to our fans and donations of Eddy's to children in hospital. 

I have set the campaign budget that we are going to need to make this happen at £30,000. Yes it's a lot of money, but I would not ask for it from you if we did not desperately need it. 

With this money, we will be able to get our stock range going again, turn Eddy the Teddy into a charity. Where we will be able to skyrocket Eddy the moon and on the way to for filling our dream of donating millions of Eddy the Teddy's to children in hospitals all over the World. 

This is the moment in life where i call upon you all. The people who love the children the most, to deliver the big one and my big dream. 

Thank you, love Eddy the Teddy.

27/4 สนับสนุน

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