What We Do For Charity

I have one goal. it's to give every child in hospital their very own Eddy the Teddy to love, cuddle and cherish.

Being in hospital is never nice, especially for children. It can be a very lonely place, to say the least. 

Why We Give Eddy's To Children In Hospital

When I first started this journey, it was just for fun. But that all changed, the fans made it change. As my fan base grew around the world, I knew i could make a real difference.

When i was growing up, I was in hospital for a short length of time. As kind as the nurses are, you just feel so scared. One of the nurses gave me a teddy to cuddle, and it turned that feeling of being scared into feeling safe. 

It was my fans that originally gave me the idea to make this happen. If I didn't have such fantastic support, all of this would not be possible.


chairty teddy bear

How Can I Donate To The Cause?

When you purchase your very own Eddy the Teddy, you are donating. 

Unlike traditional fundraisers, I wanted to make it personal and meaningful. 

With each purchase, we become 1 step closer to our goal. 

Our plan is to donate to every children's ward in the U.K, and then hopefully, worldwide. 

As a token of our appreciation. each purchased Eddy comes with an numbered limited edition certificate. This certificate shows you are one of the first 500 people to support our cause. 

Here is the link to order your Eddy if you have not yet> Eddy the Teddy Bear

"Sometimes superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles".