panda teddy bear

Cuddly Panda Teddy Bear

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Cuddly Panda Teddy Bear

I'm the biggest lover of pandas myself. this gorgeous panda teddy bear will fill your life with joy, just like he does mine. He's adorable and super soft. He will arrive stuffed and plushed and guaranteed to bring you happiness.

  • Fully fire and safety tested, for peace of mind.
  • the panda teddy isstuffed with cotton material
  • The panda teddy is Suitable for ages 3+
  • Height 30cm
  • If you are unhappy with the cuddly panda Teddy bear for any reason when he arrives. You can send him back and receive a replacement or for a full refund.
  • With every cuddly panda teddy sold. I donate 10% of the sales, go to children in the hospital. So, I can comfort them in the times of need and each child gets their very own Eddy the Teddy, to take home once they are well again.

Due to extremely high demand for orders on the cuddly panda teddy. Please allow a delivery time of between 7-21 days and up to 30 days for remote locations.