Peggy the Teddy

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Peggy The Girl Teddy Bear

When I first saw Peggy the teddy, I knew she was the bear for me. At first, I fell for her gorgeous eyes and fluffy fur. After she finally agreed to go on a date with me. I quickly noticed, that those gorgeous eyes and fur, were Peggy’s second-biggest qualities.

She is the kindest hearted, caring and loving teddy bear I have ever laid my eyes on. Without Peggy, I wouldn’t be the bear I am today. If she makes you feel, just 10%, of how she makes me feel, that will be enough for an eternity of happiness.

Peggy the Teddy's specifications

  • Like me, Peggy the Teddy comes fully fire and safety tested.
  • She’s made of plush material.
  • Peggy the teddys height is 32cm tall.
  • Peggy will come in her pretty pink dress and a flower in her hair.
  • Same as myself, 10% of my Peggy the Teddy's sales go to children in hospital.

May she fill your life with joy, love and happiness, like she does mine.

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