Eddy the Teddy charity

The Eddy The Teddy Charity

Since 2017, together we have been on a mission: to give an Eddy The Teddy to every child struggling in hospital.

How did this all start?

Not how you think. We originally created social media accounts to brand our digital marketing company. But we soon discovered something more special than our marketing services. Something that would change our lives and the lives of others for the better.

eddy the teddy with hat on

Eddy’s Unexpected Journey

After posting Eddy on social media, we had a delightful surprise. His rapidly growing following was with an unexpected audience - women. Lovely comments came pouring in from so many wonderful women. 99% of Eddy’s fans are women and it is truly special to see that.

Eddy has always had a soft spot for the ladies. It’s who he is at heart and his personality reflects that in so many ways. As content creators, it puts a huge smile on our faces to see how much joy he brings to so many remarkable women around the world.

After all, it was all of your support that gave new inspiration to Eddy; from wanting to promote his marketing company, to following his dream of giving an Eddy The Teddy to every little one in hospitals worldwide.

eddy the teddy watching the ducks

A New Path For Eddy (created by his fans)

Originally, we wanted to donate funds to help the little ones. It was the easier option. Most companies like ours who give back to the world, choose to donate funds to a charitable organisation. But the majority of Eddy’s fans voted against that. Why? they were unsure of where and how the funds would be spent - understandably so.

So, Eddy’s beloved fans came up with a fantastic idea: us visiting hospitals to give Eddy The Teddy’s to children’s wards across the U.K. And we loved it!

Several NHS staff who support Eddy, made comments like this: “Don’t donate money, they just put the money in the Christmas pot”. Those comments were extremely concerning as you can imagine, especially as they came from Eddy’s biggest fans who work in the NHS.

We have the biggest respect for our NHS service. Each time we visit one of their hospitals to donate Eddy’s; it’s really the nurses that are the most appreciative of what we do. They work harder than ever, and it’s lovely to see them smile too. Seeing the smiles on the nurses, parents, and children’s faces is what drives us to grow Eddy’s support worldwide.

eddy the teddy wearing a chrisrmas hat


Our 2021 Goal

What we are looking to achieve next year is transparency.

In regards to donating Eddy’s to the little ones, it’s a shame that we are currently not able to take photos with children as their Eddy is given to them. As you can imagine, photos and content like this is what we need to show transparency and grow Eddy’s support across the world. Plus, the kids enjoy having their photo taken with Eddy.

As a limited company, using photos/videos etc. opens us up to a lot of lawsuits and litigation in terms of children’s privacy. Of course, we completely understand and accept that this is essential for children’s safety.

At Eddy the Teddy, we have workers who are parents. We’re sure you can agree, that as parents, we think: “I wouldn’t like my child being posted up on social media without my consent.” We’re very protective of your children and would do absolutely anything for them.

We understand the obstacles we are facing and next year, we are completely transforming the way we can give back. How?

eddy the teddy on the swing

In 2021, we are converting “Eddy the Teddy Limited” into “Eddy the Teddy Charity.”

What does this mean? A charity gives us the support and transparency needed to achieve what we together want to build: An Eddy the Teddy in hospitals worldwide. This transition is a very difficult process, costing huge sums of money. But that won’t stop us. We will make it happen, regardless of what obstacles are in the way.

As a registered charity, the rules are a lot different in order to give back to the children. We would have a registered charity number - allowing Eddy’s supporters to donate to the Eddy the Teddy Charity if they wish. We are unable to accept donations like this under our current model. As you know, donations are a massive help to support the kids!

Eddy’s supporters often ask if they can donate without purchasing from the store. Many of them re-purchase from our store, just to give back to the children. This creates a lot of friction for Eddy’s supporters. Sadly, we are currently unable to meet this request. But the good news? we will be able to meet this request if we are a registered charity.

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Other benefits as a registered charity

We can be fully transparent with all our content, including where and how we donate. This transparency is the most important thing to make Eddy’s dream to help children worldwide come true.

We plan to have the charity fully in place by the end of 2021. We will pour all of our efforts in to make sure we meet the deadline.

I hope you have enjoyed this read. If you have, please help us by liking and commenting on Eddy the Teddy’s future posts.

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Thank you all for your on-going support on Eddy’s journey so far. We are excited to bring you along for the next chapter. Please, feel free to leave a comment below on what you think about our ideas 🙂

If you havent yet, here is the link purchase your very own 👉 original Eddy the Teddy 👈 There are only 100 manufacted and every store sale makes a huge difference.

Eddy The Teddy  🧸 x


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  • Janet Rundle

    Hi Eddy congratulations on your future plans to become a charity! I look forward to hearing more about it Much love xxx

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